Your ultimate guide to planning a flawless spring celebration

Welcome spring with a splash of style, a dash of dazzle and a twist of taste with our top tips for planning the perfect party! The chilly winds of winter are over – Hooray! And so is our cabin fever after a long, frosty season of staying indoors with hot drinks and cold feet.

And so, our spring-loving friends, it’s time to kick off your slippers, throw off those fluffy dressing gowns and step outside where the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing – breathe in the sweet, sweet smell of spring. It’s time to get planning, party planning that is.

We are talking about the lavish, marvellous outdoor garden affairs (or indoors, we know how spring can come with some unexpected rainfall – spring shower anyone?). And we don’t mean just your casual backyard braai with your mates, no no – we are all about a classy celebration of the new season. But, where do you start? What food should you serve? What about decor? And let’s not forget about the drinks!

Throwing a party is no walk in the park, but luckily for you, we have put together a simple guideline to planning the ultimate spring event.

If you stick to these steps, your guests will be talking about your fantastic affair for seasons to come… (yes, even Sharon who never has a nice thing to say about anything – this one’s for you Miss Priss).

Step 1 – Get an event planner for the perfect spring event

Putting together any kind of party is hard work, so, if you want some professional help, have a look at our top picks for event planners:

FYI – They are the best in the business and bound to wow your guests with their skills and expertise. From the food to the decor – prepare for jaws to drop!

Step 2 – Send out the Evites/ Digital Invitations

Gone are the days of waiting for invitations in the mail – now, we do digital. Obviously. If you want to design the invite yourself, then there are some simple and beautiful free template programs that do it all for you. Thank goodness for technology.

Step 3 – Feast your eyes (and stomachs) on event food

Now, let’s get to the delicious stuff – the food. No spring celebration is complete without some colourful mouth-watering food! Flowers, colours, fresh and vibrant tastes – it’s all or nothing when it comes to spring. Think about serving a few nibbles and finger foods for your guests – or just leave the food fuss for the professional party planner. But make sure there are some yummy somethings for your guests to indulge in – a hungry guest is an unhappy guest.

Step 4 – Getting thirsty? Pick some drinks

Now let’s get to the exciting stuff! The drinks! This is where things get interesting. Fully stocking your bar with all the drinks you think your guests will consume is pricey and actually, not exciting – at all. The solution?

A mobile bar service like Thirst (that’s us) is the classy sophistication your event needs. This way all the mess and fuss of buying and making drinks is no longer your problem. The cherry on top of the perfect spring cocktail – so to speak. Speaking of spring cocktails, we have created, splashed and mixed the perfect set of sunshine sipping drinks to suit your spring bash.

Of course, with every spring occasion, you must serve the classic G&T, with a twist. Dabble in some of our delicious recipes for these delightful drinks. And if you want, we can even design a bespoke signature cocktail just for you – it doesn’t get more sophisticated than your guests sipping on a unique cocktail mixed with special ingredients just for your party.

Step 5 – The stuff for that extra touch

This is how Thirst brings the flair to your affair…

Soft serve ice cream – with a kick!

Fancy a sweet treat? Well, have you ever heard of Thirst’s alcohol soft serve? It’s basically ice cream for adults – naughty, but oh so very nice.

Frost popsicles

Maybe dairy isn’t your thing and you want something a little more refreshing. This is where Frost Popsicles come in. You get to feel like a kid again with a frozen popsicle made from a little something mischievous. Get a Classic G&T Frost Popsicle or class it up with a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend.

The ultimate cocktail to get people talking

Let’s take this sophisticated occasion one step further with Aperol Spritz. Picture this – a bright orange colour, a vibrant and zesty flavour and a cocktail so delicious, so full of character that it sends your guests grooving all day long to the sunshine of spring. And all of this served from an Aperol Spritzed-up Van or Tuk Tuk to bring that extra boost of fun to your bash. Of course, if you want to get a taste of Thirst first or simply want to get involved in some festivities of spring, then why not come to one of our upcoming events:

  • DSTV Delicious Festival
  • Corona Sunsets In Durban

With this list, we promise your spring celebration will be the beautiful bash of the season – scratch that, century. Until next time – keep it classy our spring-loving party planners.

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