Creating a special bottle of Gin….
is a journey well worth taking.

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Join our Inverroche Gin Academy and experience the thrilling journey in the world of Gin. It is a truly educational journey where you will learn new things and laugh with your friends over unbelievable gin facts.

Making your own Gin is a process with many steps, giving everyone involved the opportunity to express themselves and their unique personalities in a special and creative way.

You will be taken back in time to this spirit’s origin hundreds of years ago by a presenter that has vast knowledge on all things GIN.

The ingredients
Your personal hand-labelled bottle of Craft Gin begins with the ingredients and botanicals that you selected and carefully infused. Your senses will guide your choices, with compliments and advice provided by your presenter and friends.


Your unique ingredients and botanicals have all been chosen. Now is the time for them to go into a specially-crafted copper still. Watching the distillation process get underway is an unforgettable experience.

The burning flame underneath your pot will create tiny drops of clear liquid and each precious drop will drip into a collection cup.

As you gather around to taste your created Gin, friends and family will be reminded of the true magic of friendship.

Experiencing the Gin journey together will bring laughter, joy, good times, and new knowledge.

The best things in life happen with family and friends.

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