At Thirst we’re not only known for our exquisite bars and barmen, but also our bespoke and signature cocktails. Have a look below at some of our favourites and check out what ingredients make them so delicious!

Bitter Orange Mojito
The Exotic Cosmo
Vanilla Pomegranate Sours
Soda Jerk
Ketel One Bloody Mary
Fire & Spice
Litchi Samba
Gin Basil Smash
Berry Jam Sour
Watermelon Cucumber Mule
Vava Voom
Tropical Butterfly
Red Earl
Spiced Mojito
Grapefruir & Elderflower Margarita
Bulleit Ice Tea
Old Fashioned
French 75
Classic Martini
Dirty Martini
Classic Daquiri
Whisky Sour
Moscow Mule
Mint Julep
Bloody Mary
Clover Club
Low Calorie Mojito
Low Calorie Porn Star Martini
Fashion Passion (non-alcoholic)
Strawberry Fields
Apple Caviar Champagne Cocktail
Shook Me All Night
Deconstructed Blood Orange Daquiri
Cloud 9
Hammer Me Down
Star Anise & Lemon Twirl
Pomegranate & Grapefruit Twirl
Apple & Thyme
Rosemary & Olive
Amaretto & Orange
Grapefruit & Basil
Rasberry & Orange
Poached Pears & Orange
Cucumber & Watermelon
Goose Berries & Lime
Winter Whistler Punch
Cucumber & Apple Punch
Summer Punch
Candy Circus
Peanut Butter & Toasted Marshmallow
Oreo Chocolate Cookie
Buttered Popcorn Shake