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The Increasing Popularity of Non-Alcoholic, Organic, and Cannabidiol Beverages around the Globe

There used to be a set perception that “if it wasn’t alcohol, then it wasn’t drinking”. This used to imply that those not downing beer after beer had a very limited selection of drinks, which only really consisted of sweet, fizzy, or fruity cool drinks to choose from (known as kids drinks), but this attitude is now changing at a rapid pace. 

One of the reasons that the popularity of non-alcoholic beverage trends is becoming one of the greatest and most interesting movements now developing in the drinks industry is the demand for more complicated, more challenging solutions.  Non-alcoholic beverages and wine, also known as NoLo, are now the fastest-growing beverage category. According to research and credible online sources, the category is becoming extremely popular and expanding quickly. In recent years, people have become increasingly concerned about their health and well-being, whether they might be dieting, gyming, or just the responsibility of not wanting to drive after consuming alcohol. 

A more healthy lifestyle varied with flavours
As a result of this, people have become more and more adventurous and want to get the most out of whatever they do at the same time. People have become increasingly interested in varied flavours as a result of this. The three major themes drive the rise in non-alcoholic beverage production and consumption: a growing focus on well-being, a shift in attitudes surrounding alcohol, and curiosity and choice. According to many, the pandemic was the boost for the shift toward a more healthy lifestyle and relationship with alcohol. As a result, people are now more health-conscious than ever before and are limiting their alcohol consumption to a minimum.  

Besides mimicking the original taste of your favourite wine or cocktail (mocktails), many non-alcoholic wines and drinks also have a similar appearance so that you can enjoy them but without the alcohol. In fact, some brands have even been able to create non-alcoholic spirits like Gin and Rum, so those of you who like G&T’s are in luck!

The health craze sweeping the globe
If you haven’t already heard about (CBD) cannabidiol, the health craze that is now sweeping the globe, you have probably been hiding under a rock while socially distant. CBD IS derived from the cannabis plant, and you will find that cannabidiol oil is probably already being used by your mom, green friend, and student nephew for various health reasons.

CBD won’t give you a high. Instead, it has many advantages, such as improving sleep and reducing inflammation, anxiety, and pain, without the side effects of big pharma. 

However, for many consumers, the complete elimination of something like alcohol from a traditional alcoholic drink doesn’t feel quite like it’s right. With CBD, those consumers’ perceptions of this burgeoning market could change. Cannabis sativa L. produces CBD, a nonpsychotic compound. Products containing CBD must contain a low or no level of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive compound that causes cannabis users to become high. In addition, CBD doesn’t carry the stigma associated with alcohol, which makes it a potential ingredient, as it could bridge that gap.

Fad or trend?
Many South African restaurants have also increasingly begun adding CBD into drinks, smoothies, juices, and even into a variety of foods such as pizza, biscuits, and cakes, also known as edibles. It should come as no surprise that this trend is fast gaining popularity and momentum. With more millennials and Gen-Z abstaining or limiting their alcohol consumption, this trend is set to grow, creating a wide market with increasing buying power and large consumer demand.

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