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World Gin Day: 7 fun facts about Gin

Are you a gin connoisseur? A ginthusiast? It’s World Gin Day on Saturday 12 June, and in celebration of one of our favourite spirits, we’ve put together some fun facts about gin that will help boost your gintelligence.

  1. The bigger the glass, the better the taste.
    Use a large gin glass with a long stem rather than a small tumbler when drinking gin. This ‘opens up’ the drink allowing you to enjoy the full aroma of the drink as you sip! Given all the natural botanicals in gin, this is particularly important in allowing gin lovers to appreciate the full range of flavours in their drink. A long stem prevents your hand from warming the glass and melting the ice.

  2. Blind drunk was an actual thing.
    In 1920’s prohibition America, Bathtub gin was extremely popular. As its name suggests it was a cheap, homemade gin produced in the bath. Unfortunately, it had dangerous side effects caused by methanol content causing blindness or even death. This led to the birth of the phrase ‘blind drunk’.

  3. The juniper berry is not actually a berry
    A juniper berry is actually a type of seed cone with unique fleshy and merged scales which gives it the appearance of a berry. What’s more, the juniper berries used to make gin are wild picked.

  4. The original G&T was medicinal
    English expats used tonic with their gin in 17th Century India as an anti-malaria antidote. The quinine in the tonic was known to ward off the disease.

  5. Local gin contains uniquely South African flavours
    Inverroche was the first in South Africa to handcraft fynbos gin, made with Wild Cape fynbos botanicals.

  6. There are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other spirit
    Negroni, Gin Fizz, Tom Collins, Singapore Sling, Bee’s Knees, Gin & Tonic, Bronx Cocktail, Gin Martini, French 75 Cocktail, Gin Gin Mule, Gin Rickey, Red Snapper and Gin Sour. And that is just scratching the surface!

  7. The gin market is big business
    The global gin market is expected to reach $11.2 billion dollars by 2024.

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