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Why Does Hiring a Mobile Bar Service Matter When it Comes to Branding and Promotion?

Back in the day, mobile bars were nothing more than a basic cart loaded with a couple cases of beer. But things have come a long way since then. Mobile bars have now become a vital ingredient for the success of any event, be it a wedding, a birthday bash, or a festival – and lately, they have proven to be particularly effective for branding and marketing purposes.

If you often host, are involved in, or manage events, hiring a mobile bar is the perfect way to market yourself, your company, or a client. But how exactly can you make the most of them?


Live brand activation

According to a study conducted by Eventbrite, about 77% of millennials have shared that their favourite memories are from events or live experiences they have either attended or been a part of. What’s more, almost 69% of them felt that taking part in live events and experiences added to their feeling of being connected – to other people, their community, and the bigger world out there.

Now, for those of you in the brand marketing world, it’s important to pay attention to this and understand that a combination of digital and live experiences is key in today’s world, especially among the younger generation.


Promoting your product

Many well-known companies have discovered the benefits of utilising mobile bars to promote their specific products. You can easily move these bars around from one event to another, giving you more options for where to set up.

The special branding on the bars makes your product feel high-end and unique, which, of course, is important if you intend on making a strong connection. When your company’s name or a personalised message is printed on the mobile bar, it gives the event an extra special and exclusive vibe.


As an “inside marketing” approach

“Inside Marketing” is a smart strategy where you can hire a mobile bar to use in places like hotels, clubs, and bars, with the goal to market to the guests who are already inside your venue. Usually, guests need a main attraction, a spot to gather at first. When you have a mobile bar as part of your venue, it gives them a central area to head to.

This is a great way to encourage your guests to stay longer and enjoy their time, but it also fosters a sense of attachment to your venue itself. It can lead to repeat visits, positive word-of-mouth recommendations, and an overall boost in the reputation and value of your brand.


What time of year works best for bringing in a mobile bar?

Usually, summertime is when mobile bar hire is in full swing, as we all know most people opt for weddings, parties, and festivals when the weather is pleasant. But while summer might be the prime time for mobile bar action, that doesn’t mean the fun stops when the leaves start to fall – at least not with Thirst Bar Services. Each season offers its own range of flavours, themes, and vibes that our mobile bar service can complement.


What makes Thirst Bar Services so different from other bartending services in SA?

We’d definitely say it’s our wealth of experience and our academy-trained bartenders’ strong commitment to professionalism. Both our dedicated owners and our staff are seasoned experts in the bar and events industry, with over 20 years of valuable experience. And this impressive background has pushed us to become the top pick for fully hosted mobile bar experiences across South Africa.

Over the years, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to be involved in some pretty major events all over the country, which has further established us as a reliable and respected option in the industry.

If you’d like us to help you enhance your marketing efforts through our mobile bar service, get in touch with us.

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