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What Type of Events Would Call for a Mobile Bar Hire?

Got a big event coming up and want your guests to keep talking about it long after? A fully hosted mobile bar experience can make it happen. After all those weeks of pouring your heart into planning every detail of your event – from the food to the perfect decorations, the music, and the guest list – you deserve to be on the dance floor or chatting the night away with your guests, not stuck pouring drinks for everyone.

If you’re not quite sure what type of events could benefit from a mobile bar or if it hasn’t crossed your mind before, you’ll find this quick guide pretty useful.

Here are some events that would be nothing without a mobile bar. 



Of course, weddings are right at the top of the list. Having a mobile bar on your special day allows guests to enjoy a wide selection of drinks and cocktails while you and your spouse are off to take photos or preparing to grace the dance floor.

Corporate events

Networking events and corporate parties can be as dry as that leftover piece of toast in the breakroom. A mobile bar adds some liquid courage to the mix and prevents any awkward small talk. As the bartenders work their magic, conversations become smoother, and business deals seem like a piece of cake.


Birthday parties

Another year older, another reason to party. As you’re hosting the festivities, the last thing you want is to play bartender all night. A professional mobile bar service will make sure everyone’s hands are full while you’re busy pretending you’re still 21 years old.


Product launches

Introducing a new product is nerve-wrecking but presenting it with a regular glass of water won’t make it to anyone’s Instagram story. You can make your launch unforgettable by having talented bartenders design custom cocktails that match your brand’s aesthetics and get people talking about your product.


Fashion shows

The catwalk may be filled with stunning models at your upcoming fashion show, but the real runway stars will be the world-class cocktails created and served by the hired mobile bar service, and which will complement the show’s theme.


Art gallery openings

It’s a sophisticated affair, and nothing says “culture” like sipping on artsy cocktails while admiring masterpieces. With bartending services in the mix, the art won’t be the only thing leaving guests speechless.



When you’re trying to raise funds, you obviously need something that’ll bring in the dough. Bartenders can whip up drinks so incredible that wallets will be flying open, and guests will be donating like they’re bidding at a high-stakes auction.


Bachelor/bachelorette parties

With well-trained bartenders at your bachelorette/bachelor party, you’ll be able to party like there’s no wedding tomorrow. They’ll handle the drinks and ensure everyone has a blast while keeping you from doing anything you’ll regret in the morning.


Awards ceremonies

Awards ceremonies are almost always very formal, and having professional bartenders adds an element of class and sophistication to the after-party.


Private dinners

Last but not least, a mobile bar service can provide personalised cocktail pairings to complement the dining experience, enhancing the flavours of the meal and leaving your guests impressed with the attention to detail.


Thirst Bar Services – South Africa’s premier choice for fully hosted mobile bar experiences

If you want a mobile bar experience that your guests won’t forget (no matter how much they indulge), Thirst Bar Services will make it happen. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large event, our mobile bar services and professional bartenders will ensure it’s a truly memorable occasion.

Our bartenders are not only academy-trained but also genuinely care about providing the best experience for your guests and are always ready with a warm smile and a friendly chat. Whether they’re recommending the perfect cocktail or engaging in playful banter, they create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere that puts everyone at ease.

With over 20 years of experience, we’re the top choice for fully hosted mobile bars in South Africa.

Get a quote and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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