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What Goes into Designing the Perfect Mobile Bar?

When you’re planning an event and thinking about bringing in a mobile bar, you might first think about how it will look. So, you’ll go ahead and pick a mobile bar service based on aesthetics – and that’s totally understandable. But the thing is, the ideal bar involves a lot more than just visual appeal if you want your event to be successful and genuinely memorable.

Let’s chat about what really matters when you’re thinking about hiring a mobile bar for your event.



While it might not be the flashiest aspect of mobile bar design, durability is undeniably one of the most important. Your guests probably won’t directly notice the high-grade construction and materials of your mobile bar, but they’ll certainly experience its effects.

Ever been at an event where a drink suddenly takes a nosedive and causes a messy spill? It’s not a pretty sight. A bar that remains stable and secure throughout your event will prevent such accidents and disruptions that can mar your guests’ experience. Without a durable structure, all the aesthetics, functionality, and features would be in vain.



Your guests are there to have a good time, not watch a construction project. You don’t want your bar staff to spend ages struggling with assembly while everyone’s waiting for a drink. The perfect mobile bar should be super quick and easy to put together, and ideally, one person should be able to do it in just a few minutes.

Quick assembly also means you have more flexibility in where you can place your mobile bar. Who knows, you might need to move the bar inside due to unexpected bad weather, or you’re working with limited space. A portable bar that’s easy to put together can adapt to the changing demands of your event.



Comfort matters. The bartenders you hire are the ones working tirelessly to ensure your guests are enjoying themselves. And they often work long shifts, so, of course they need to have a comfortable workspace. This means the mobile bar service you opt for should consider things like the height of the bar, the layout, and having all the necessary tools within easy reach to reduce strain on their backs and arms.

For example, is the speed rail at a good height for the bartender? It’s always best to put the most frequently used drinks on the speed rail to save space. Ultimately, how comfortable your bartenders feel will affect how fast they can serve – they’ll be much more efficient when the bar is set up strategically with everything they need close by. Plus, when your bartenders aren’t stretching or twisting into awkward positions to reach distant bottles, they are also less likely to end up with injuries!


Storage space

Before you commit to a mobile bar, you’re going to have to review its capacity to match the expected volume and use. Serving large events means lots of equipment and alcohol, and the perfect mobile bar should be designed to have space for glassware, mixers, strainers, cocktail shakers, ice makers, fridges, cleaning gear – you name it. It should be able to fit everything you need, and then some.

For event planners and hosts, in particular, knowing that you have ample storage space is a sigh of relief. You don’t have to worry about running out of supplies, causing delays, or dealing with unexpected stress.


Thirst’s bars offer a complete and delightful experience for hosts, bar staff, and guests

Thirst’s mobile bars are a fantastic addition to any event. We combine style and practicality, which makes our bars a great choice for all kinds of gatherings. Besides their aesthetic appeal, these bars are super easy to set up and our bartenders love them because they can create entertainment and refreshment areas at any venue without a fuss. They work well for various events because you can adjust their size to fit your needs, and there are many thoughtful extras that come bundled with them.

We understand how important it is to keep things practical when hosting events. That’s why our mobile bars have plenty of storage space. You can easily stash away all the things bartenders need, like extra glasses or essential bar tools, making sure everything is right at hand. Thirst’s bars are designed to make your event run smoothly.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our mobile bar designs.

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