We Love team spirit

We love team spirit

Shake it up and add a splash of fun to your next team building event.

Team building is an essential part of any business. If you care about your businesses success today and for the future, then it is imperative to set time aside to focus on the heart of your company – your employees. Team building should be considered as an investment. A team that doesn’t work well together, is demotivated or lacks engagement, can create a major loss for the company.

Why bother with team building?

1.Up the communication
People naturally like to feel connected. Team building gives employees the opportunity to get to know each other better outside the work environment. When we know people a bit better, we feel more comfortable communicating with them, which allows daily tasks to run smoother and more efficiently. Team building is not a time to chat about company policies, but a time to gather your team together and give them the opportunity to interact on a deeper level.

2. Inspire collaboration and innovation
We live in a country full of diversity. When a group of diverse people come together to form a team there is a greater flow of ideas and more creativity. However, with diversity can also come conflict and demotivation. It is important to keep your staff engaged in activities that help them work better together and give them the opportunity to discover their own strengths and the strengths of their co-workers. Teams that collaborate well are more effective and efficient in finding creative solutions to problems, working with each other’s strengths, and driving innovation.

3. Motivate, celebrate and have fun!
“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients,” Richard Branson. Show your employees you care about them and you appreciate all their hard work. It is very easy for employees to start feeling like that are just cogs in the corporate machine. Use team building activities as a way to give your employees a well-deserved mental break and have fun! Happier employees are more likely to take less leave and are more focused on achieving the company’s mission than just waiting for their next paycheck.

A look into one of our team-building events

Every company is different and so we have made sure each of our team-building events can be structured to suit your business’s needs and goals.

A great way to add a splash of fun to your team- building event is with some cocktail fun!

 How does it work?

The event starts off with a brief history on the selection of drinks that will be used in the making of the cocktails. We explain exactly how some of your favourite drinks are made and what raw materials are used to create that delicious final product.

The team is then taken to the Thirst bar where they are each equipped with all the bar accessories and tools needed to create the perfect cocktail. Our head trainer will take the team through a variety of cocktail making techniques so that each person is able to muddle, shake and build their very own cocktail.

Once they have finished making their own cocktails the real competition begins.

Individuals are split into teams and it’s time to put their new skills, teamwork and creative ideas to the test. Each team is given a country that their own signature cocktail needs to represent. Transport yourself to that place, what do you see, smell, hear, feel and taste?

A market table is laid out with a variety of fresh ingredients including different fruits, herbs, spices, juices, flavoured syrups and a range of unusual glassware to choose from.

The teams can use these ingredients to turn their signature cocktails into a creative masterpiece.

The challenge doesn’t stop there. Using the stationary provided, the teams are then required to showcase their new drink in the form of an attractive, well-thought-out menu. The menu also needs to have a short story to explain the birth of their new signature cocktail.

Once each team has completed their signature cocktails and menus. It is time to show them off to the group and enjoy their creations. At the end of the event, winners are announced and awarded with the latest bar-related prizes.

Book your own unique team bonding experience with Thirst to develop relationships, inspire creativity, improve the dynamics of your team and most importantly have fun!

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