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Your career skills speak volumes to your employers and being a great bartender in the service industry is no different. You have got to have the right tools for the job. The same goes for businesses that require bartenders to run an excellent service. If you manage a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure your bartenders have the confidence and ability to exceed customer expectations.

So how do you or your employees get the skills you need? This CATHSSETA course may just be what you’re looking for.


CATHSSETA stands for Culture, Art, Hospitality, Sport Sector Education and Training Authority which is one of the 21 SETAs under the Skills Development Act. CATHSSETA is responsible for facilitating the skills development within its sector – whether that covers learning program grants or monitoring training courses.

The areas in which CATHSSETA operates include:

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Conservation
  • Gaming and Lotteries
  • Hospitality
  • Sport, Recreation and Fitness
  • Travel and Tourism

Within these sectors, CATHSSETA is responsible for the following duties among others:

  • Development and implementation of sector skills plans
  • Support and administration of learning programmes
  • Ensuring programmes follow the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
  • Maintaining the quality of these learning programmes

CATHSSETA is an essential factor for the economic growth of our country because it facilitates skills development of individuals and teams across South Africa. So what does a CATHSSETA skills program entail?

CATHSSETA Skills Programs

In South Africa, you can obtain various qualifications based on the number of NQF credits you receive. A CATHSSETA skills program gives you one or more credit towards your qualification, and an accumulation of these credits leads to a full qualification. Depending on what qualification you want to receive, you can take different CATHSSETA skills programs to achieve the right credits over time. So want to become a fully qualified bartender? The following CATHSETTA skills program with Thirst Bar Services covers everything you need to know to become qualified.

Become a Bartender: The Thirst Academy Skills Program Course

With our CATHSSETA accreditation, Thirst offers a comprehensive bar attendant skills program. If you feel that your organisation and staff could benefit from this program, don’t hesitate to contact us. Entries into this program are based on organisational requirements such as the staff members having a minimum NQF level 3 in Mathematics and Communication. Individual learners applying to enter this program will be required to submit proof of school certificates and or school reports.

This program is designed for bar attendants, front of house staff in restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes including persons working in structured events such as weddings, gala events etc. The program covers the following a wide range of skills applicable in the service environment.

The course covers bartender specific skills such as:

  • Basic set up of bars
  • Essentials of providing beverages in licensed establishments
  • Maintenance of kegs, cellars, and beverage rooms.
  • Understand the role of a bartender
  • Tools of the trade and glassware
  • Pouring techniques
  • Customer service and responsible service of alcohol
  • Effective time management and efficiency behind the bar
  • An Introduction to cocktail making techniques and classic cocktails

Plus, the course covers a range of general workplace skills that are vital to successful bar operation:

  • Layout, services and facilities relating to various hospitality industries
  • Maintaining health, hygiene and a professional appearance in the workplace
  • Development of confidence in a specific job role
  • Communication etiquettes including basic telephone skills
  • Maintaining effective work and customer relationships
  • Providing customer service
  • Operating POS and processing of guest accounts
  • Maintaining a secure work environment

The primary focus of the above-mentioned program is to enhance specific job skills within the individual’s daily workplace. Upon completion of the above-mentioned theory, the individual would be expected to work in the industry in relative hospitality positions. Thirst Bar Services will assist the student in finding suitable placements with our various stakeholders. A period of 3-6 months industry experience will be required. Upon completion of this course a SAQA qualification that is National Certificate in Food and Beverage services NQF 4 will be awarded to each student.

Why choose Thirst?

We truly have a strong passion for bar services and that gives us our Thirst for Life. Through the Thirst Bar Academy, you’ll get the training and consultation you need to succeed in this highly competitive environment. Our institutions are based in Johannesburg, with additional training facilities in both Cape Town, and Durban. Since we began operations in 2005, we have trained well over 58000 bartenders in South Africa and multiple other countries on the continent. We also have an extensive database of professionally trained multilingual bar trainers necessary for the large and diverse African market.

Our wide variety of courses Thirst Bar Academy range from short courses that teach you everything you need to know to start working a shift behind the bar of your local watering hole, to more intricate curriculums for more experienced bartenders that are ready to take on the international bar scene. Our courses have all been designed by in-house professionals with many years of international experience.

If you or your business is interested in our CATHSSETA course, or any of our other courses.

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