The Ultimate Summer Job Envy

Why being a Thirst bartender is the summer job of your dreams – Make extra cash and be a part of some of SA’s hottest events.

Did somebody say summer holidays? The time is finally here – the sun is shining, the sunnies are out and so is varsity (or school) – what a time to be alive. Of course, with summer comes a number of sunny jols, parties, get-togethers, hot happenings and backyard braais. And having the cash to be able to attend all of these social gatherings is not exactly easy, it’s actually very difficult being a student or fresh out of school. But before you lose all hope…

What if we told you that you could work at some of the hottest events in SA, learn skills your friends will be jealous of (party tricks included) and make money at the same time?

Here’s why becoming a part-time bartender is the hottest job this summer:

1. Earn extra cash

Being a part-time bartender can earn you some pretty decent cash. Whether you are working in your local watering hole or stepping it up a notch and pouring drinks at a fancy function, you have the opportunity to get some great tips. The friendlier you are, the more drinks you make and the better you are as a bartender, the more you are likely to get tipped.

Can we get a “cha-ching?!”

2. Expand your professional network

This might not sound like the most exciting aspect of working behind a bar, but here’s the thing – when you are fresh out of school or are already a student, being able to meet people from all walks of life from celebrities, chefs, pilots and even scuba divers (it happens!) can broaden your horizons and even open up your future to possibilities of new study and career choices.

3. Learn vital career skills that could help you land your dream job

Working as a bartender equips you with a variety of career skills such as people management, communication and confidence that future employers will love to see on your CV. It also teaches you how to work under pressure and handle the stress of getting something done quickly and efficiently.

4. Go to some of SA’s hottest social happenings

We saved the best one for last here. At Thirst, we are very good at what we do. So much so that we are always setting-up-shop in mixing, making and pouring drinks at some of our country’s coolest parties. Packed with celebs, amazing DJ’s and awesome vibes, if you become a bartender for Thirst, you are instantly invited to work at these incredible events.

BMW festival, DStv Delicious Festival and Corona Sunsets are some of our personal favourites.

The Thirst Bar Academy (TBA) is your golden ticket into the summer experience of a lifetime.

Why Thirst?

Having trained over 20 000 bartenders in SA and with training facilities based in Joburg, Durbs and Cape Town, we offer a variety of courses that teach you bartending skills that are so awesome, so unique and so exceptional – even the experts will be coming to you for tips.

Our Flagship bartender course is only 5 days long and will cover the following:

  • The role of a bartender
  • Tools of the trade and glassware
  • Pouring techniques
  • Customer service and responsible service of alcohol
  • Managing time more effectively and efficiently behind the bar
  • Introduction cocktail making techniques and introduction to classic cocktails

From here, you can take it one step further with our Thirst Professional Bartender Program. We don’t just train you in bartending – we help you to become one of the best bartenders out there (locally and internationally).

Feeling Thirsty?

If our list of reasons why being a bartender is the ultimate summer job has whet your appetite and got you wanting to find out more, then why not give us a call, pop us a message or even Facebook us and let’s get chatting as to how we can help.

We just have one more thing to ask – Are you ready for the ultimate summer job!

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