Planning an event is a massive undertaking. Whether it’s a large conference or a small party it would require that you’re 100% present at every stage. That means establishing your budget, finding the right venue, and finding the right team to work with all become aspects you can’t leave to chance. To assist you with your event, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of using a bar service so that you can focus on the other elements that will make for an unforgettable experience.

Let’s begin with the pro’s shall we?

You’re guaranteed an organized and planned bar service
Now, let’s level with each other.  Unless you’ve planned a bar service, you won’t know the level of thought that goes into it. You would need to make a list of what alcohol to buy, order the correct amount for the size of the event and stay within budget. Not to mention ensuring the stock is cold when you fetch it so that the stress of chilling alcohol that’s been in a storeroom is ruled out. 

Using a professional bar service means you can focus on other aspects of the event while they plan and organize the bar service for you.

Excellent service with skilled and professional barmen
Picture this. You’re doing the most to make sure everything runs smoothly, stressed to the nines but still trying to look put together.  You look over at the bar and to your horror see a long line forming for drinks. It’s unprofessional, appalling and quite frankly something you don’t need to worry about with bar service. Using a bar service not only allows for professional, quick service but signature cocktails and drinks that will have your guests talking for all the right reasons.

Using a bar service means you’ll have an experienced team who knows how to cater for a wide number of events
As an event planner, you know that no two events are the same.  If no two events are the same, the bar service shouldn’t be either. Some events would call on the expertise of a mixologist to wow the crowd as they whip something up that tantalises the tastebuds.  Non-alcoholic events may need a coffee bar that warms them up on wintery days. At Thirst, we’re able to read the event and assist you in providing you with either a coffee or alcohol bar service that exceeds your expectations.

A Unique Experience
With the ability to read each event at Thirst, you can look forward to a unique experience every time. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with signature cocktails you won’t get anywhere else.

Now for the Con

Using a bar service won’t be cheap
More often than not, event planners make the mistake of forgoing bar services in hopes of saving a little money.  Unfortunately, what you could save in money could cost you in quality.  At Thirst, our planning, organizing, and professionalism are second to none. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for and though we can’t promise a low-cost service, we can promise we’ll be worth every penny!

Get in touch with us today if your planning an event and require any bar services. We would be happy to help!