The many ways to say  ‘cheers!’ in SA

There’s no doubt that when clinking your glasses with friends, family and colleagues around the world, saying ‘cheers!’ truly signifies some of life’s most special moments. What makes the word ‘cheers’ even more unique, is that different cultures around the world have their own distinct celebratory toasts.

From a South African perspective, our 11 official languages mean we have many different ways to say ‘cheers’ in SA. We highlight some of Mzansi’s top ways to say ‘cheers!’.

  • Cheers in Afrikaans – ‘Gesondheid!’
  • Cheers in Zulu – ‘Bajabule!’
  • Cheers in Xhosa – ‘Impilo!’
  • Cheers in Sesotho – ‘Nqa!’
  • Cheers in Tswana – ‘Pholo e ntle!’
  • Cheers in Ndebele – ‘Impilo enhle!’
  • Cheers in Northern Sotho – ‘Bophelo bjo bobotse!’

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