Show Up and Spritz Up: Why Your Next Event Should Include Aperol Spritz

What does your next event and the Royal Wedding have in common? A show-stopping spectacle that keeps people talking. Adding some zest for your wedding guests, some zing to keep expo-goers lingering and some tang to the office year-end bang, is as simple as exploring the magical effects of Aperol Spritz.

What is Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz was born just before the era of flappers, great gatsby culture and the end of prohibition. It’s safe to say this drink is one decent party starter. Aperol Spritz is an alcoholic cocktail originally developed in Italy in 1912. It is made of the “perfect aperitif” which took seven years to develop. This aperitif is a combination of key ingredients including oranges, herbs and roots. It’s signature style? A vibrant and bright orange colour. If you are a true taste connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the distinctive notes that makeup Aperol Spritz:


Zesty orange, vanilla, complex herbs and lightly alcoholic.


Intensely orange, herbal, woody, pleasantly bittersweet and salty.


Velvety and rounded.

Back taste

Herbal and pleasant bitterness.

The Aperol Cocktail

Few things in this world taste better than a classic Aperol Spritz cocktail. The low alcohol percentage makes this drink perfect for happy hour which means you can have quite a few without having one too many. The sparkling and slightly bitter drink’s appeal comes from more than just its bright appearance. The cocktail contains superior ingredients like Prosecco and fresh orange slices. Coupled with refreshing sparkling water, ice cubes and (of course) the Aperol. It should really only be served in a large wine glass for that long-established Italian look.

Including Aperol in Your Event

Hosting an event? A low alcohol percentage coupled with a refreshing, unique taste makes Aperol Spritz perfect for your welcoming drinks. The dazzling orange Aperol attracts plenty attention. You’ll probably find your guests snapping pics of their drinks for some decent event Insta-exposure. Your event will be a buzz on the day and on social media for the next week.

This is especially true when the alluring cocktails are combined with an awesome activation. Just like these new mobile offerings from Thirst Bar Services:

Aperol Spritz Van

You are sure to spark some conversation with this one. The Aperol Spritz van is a new trendy, mobile way to serve your guests their favourite drink. This van is specifically designed to bring the party to any event without excessive setup time. Plus, this feature comes with a thirsty barman to serve excellently prepared mixes under pressure – because your guests are all bound to want a drink or two.

Aperol Spritz Tuk Tuk

Everything you’ll get with the Aperol Spritz van experience is simply down-scaled to create the Aperol Spritz tuk-tuk. This mini-feature has all the benefits of its large-scale counterpart but is the perfect fit for smaller events.

What is the most creative place you envision the Aperol Spritz van or tuk-tuk? Could you squeeze it into your office, yard or kitchen? As long as it’s accompanied by a Thirsty barman, we wouldn’t mind a spritz for every space.

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