How To Pull Off a Great Cocktail Party

How To Pull Off a Great Cocktail Party

As South Africans, we all love a good braai. It’s the go-to event for just about anything. The rugby is on? Let’s braai! Need to relax before the start of the week? Time for a Sunday braai with the family. It’s Carol’s birthday (who happens to be vegan), let’s have a braai for her, everyone bring your own meat. All jokes aside, a South African braai is certainly a large part of our culture, and we don’t need an excuse to host one. But before you break out the potato bake and crack open a beer this weekend, consider hosting a different kind of party to switch things up.

The question is, whatever happened to hosting a good cocktail party? We’ve forgotten all about our fancier side and opted for a casual weekend – every weekend. Well, now we say enough is enough. It’s time to break out the good glasses and table decorations for some good old-fashioned fun. Since it’s probably been a while since you’ve hosted one, here are some tips for pulling off a perfect cocktail party.

The Invitations

A cocktail party isn’t just any event, so formal invitations are a must. But the traditional paper invitation, hand-delivered to your door, is just unnecessary. We live in the digital age where an e-vite will suffice. Not only will you save costs, but you’ll be doing justice for the environment as well. A digital invitation can still be as beautifully designed as you wish. It can also suit a theme or match your décor.

The Food

There is never an abundance of food at a cocktail gathering – don’t mistake a cocktail night for a dinner party. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be supplying some snacks to curb the horrid possibilities of alcohol on an empty stomach. Party appetisers and platters will go a long way with your guests as just a little something for them to nibble on as the night goes on. The likes of deviled eggs, olives, cheese boards, meatballs, and bread will do just fine. You could even stick to a theme and have your food go along with that. For example, mini tacos for a fiesta themed party (served with tequila of course). Which brings us to our next tip – the drinks.

If spending an entire day cooking and creating these bits and bites sounds like a nightmare, consider using a catering service like:

The Drinks

What is the most important element of a cocktail party? The cocktails, of course! Even if you get everything else in this list wrong, you can make up for it with your choice of drinks. If you can’t supply your guests with a few different drink options, chose a signature cocktail for the night. This way, you can pre-make drinks before your guests arrive, giving you time to mingle.

Don’t want the fuss of making your own cocktails? Using the services of a mobile bar company like Thirst is a superior alternative. This way, skilled bartenders can serve all kinds of bespoke cocktails without you lifting a finger. Plus, bartenders can be an added entertainment factor for guests with the use of expert mixing skills and tricks. Need a little more convincing? Take a look at these 5 other reasons to consider hiring a mobile bar service (infographic).

The Host

With the use of bartenders, you’ll have time to be the best host you can be. You should ensure that you have given everyone at your event at least a few minutes of your time. A cocktail party is, at the heart of it, a very social event. Take special care to the needs of your guests during this time. It is also a good way to make sure that none of your guests have been overdoing the cocktails either.

It is also important to have fun during your own party. Follow these simple rules, but don’t get too bogged down by the finer details. Pre-planning and consideration will make sure your event goes just the way you want it. Your guests will thank you for a taking the time to plan a special evening (and not just another braai).
If you are in need of bartenders or a mobile bar to help you pull off this event, contact Thirst Bar Services today.

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