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Some of the best memories start at the bar.

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THIRST offers a wide range of mobile bar options suitable for every event type and size. What’s non-negotiable is that we’ll always deliver the right experience.

The perfect mobile bar should look great, feel light with a deceptively strong body and an air of sophisticated simplicity

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Don’t go out to fetch caffeine. Make the best coffee part of the best guest experience, event or function. THIRST coffee bars are mobile, exquisitely made, ethically sourced and ready to go.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like coffee. Whether your guests like coffee or not, they’ll trust that you spared no detail in making the coffee a designed part of the occasion.

Experienced, Academy-Trained, And At Your Service

No matter the size, we create memorable bar experiences that guests remember and share for all the right reasons.

With 20+ years of diverse experience under our belt, we’ve become South Africa’s number-one choice for fully-hosted mobile bar experiences.

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Let THIRST transform your usual living space into a tastefully unusual event space for impressing and entertaining guests.
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