Make the Most of Your Summer Wedding with these Essential Bar Pointers

Planning your wedding for early December, late March, or smack dab in the middle during January or February? Well, a summer wedding date gives you heaps of chances to really soak in the season during your special day. Whether you’re exchanging vows on the beach under the sunny blue sky or in your beautiful back garden, you’re already making the most of the incredible vibe that SA’s hottest months bring.

Yet, when it comes to planning the bar service for your big day, there are few things you need to keep in mind. Given it’s the busiest wedding season, these last-minute tips will help keep your planning on track!


Planning to switch up your bar set-up between the ceremony and reception?

Sometimes, couples like to have a separate cocktail area between the ceremony and reception, especially if both are in the same place. It might seem quite simple for the bartenders to just move everything from one bar to another as your guests make your way to the reception area, but many people don’t realise that this could actually cause a bit of a wait for drinks.

When you hire a mobile bar service, you can avoid any interruptions and keep the drinks flowing smoothly while the bar moves from one spot to another.


What you need to know if you’re considering a signature cocktail

Coming up with the ideal bar menu might feel like a lot on your plate and you have to be realistic about what drink options you can provide for your guests. Most couples will usually serve champagne or wine at the reception, but signature cocktails can also be a fantastic addition to the cocktail hour.

They’re a fun way to keep the celebratory spirit going strong and encourage guests to mingle post-ceremony – but – we all know that as the night goes on, people tend to switch back to their preferred go-to drinks rather than sticking to the specialty cocktails. So, to dodge blowing the budget on untouched drinks, it’s best to keep those signature cocktails exclusive to the cocktail hour.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

When the alcohol is flowing and Aunt Barbara is taking over the dance floor, there must be water. Keep it close at hand and have the bartenders jazz it up with fruits or herbs for an extra refreshing touch. Also have them drop some hints here and there, nudging guests to sip up – after all, you don’t want your wedding remembered as the one where someone hit the floor for all the wrong reasons!


Make sure there’s comfortable seating nearby

If possible, strategically place your seating areas near the bar to allow guests to unwind while they sip their drinks. If the party starts early and it’s outdoors, arrange shaded spots and fans to give everyone a nice break from the hot weather.


Forget “to-do” and focus on “I do” with Thirst Bar Services

Thirst’s customisable mobile bar services for weddings take all the hassle out of your hurrahs. After we learn all about your wedding details, like the theme, decorations, and your tastes, we can suggest some amazing signature cocktail ideas just for your big day.

Our team of mixologists are academy-trained professionals who truly understand the ins and outs of each ingredient and how it impacts the taste of a drink, so they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’ll work and what might not hit the mark for your dream drink. And when it comes to warmer weather, our bartenders know how to keep the drinks cool, stay upbeat, and serve guests with a smile, no matter how hot it gets.

Your wedding day is a big deal, and we get that! That’s why the Thirst team is here to make sure it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Get in touch with us to ensure all your bar needs are perfectly sorted for your special day.

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