Here’s How You Can Impress Key Clients (and Your Boss) at Your Upcoming Corporate Event – And Have Fun in the Process

So, you’re the fresh face in the HR or marketing department and your boss just asked you to plan an event for some big-shot current and potential clients. This is your chance to impress. The only problem? You have absolutely no event planning experience – unless you count that time back in uni when your roommate talked you into throwing a flat warming for a handful of random people from campus.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. The first thing you should keep at the top of your priority list when planning any type of corporate event is to make sure it isn’t a drag. And if there’s one type of event that can ensure that doesn’t happen, it’s a cocktail party. Everyone loves a cocktail party. They last a short time, are easy to set up, can be held anytime, and won’t break the bank like a sit-down dinner.

That being said, the primary business objective behind hosting such an event is to retain or gain business. With this in mind, the stakes for organising and hosting the perfect cocktail party are sky-high, leaving little room for mistakes.


How to make your cocktail party not just successful, but memorable

Let’s get to the most important part of the cocktail party: the cocktails. When it comes to serving cocktails, there are several crucial considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, you will need to have all the essential supplies – liquor, mixers, ice, glassware, and straws.

Now, onto the guests’ preferences. It’s likely you won’t know the guests personally and therefore don’t know their particular tastes, which is why you should ensure there’s a diverse range of options available that will cater to various tastes. Thirdly, you will need to keep a watchful eye to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves responsibly without going overboard.

These are all just the basics of a cocktail party. The more challenging part is finding a way to make this event unforgettable. Remember, the attendees you’re planning for are most likely used to being wined and dined. You’ll need to do something to engage these clients beyond just feeding them and getting them tipsy. You’ll need to give them an experience.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about what you offer, it’s about how you execute and deliver it to your guests. A poorly planned cocktail party with lacklustre decor, no atmosphere, and bad service can turn an evening into a very awkward experience that seems never-ending. That’s exactly why you need to hire a mobile bar service.

Apart from the fact that a mobile bar can be easily set up, you’ll also get friendly and experienced bartenders that can not only mix a wide range of classic cocktails, but also make recommendations or introduce your guests to brand new concoctions. You also won’t have to worry about anyone going overboard because the bartenders will be on it. They’ll keep a close eye on pour levels, make sure the liquor lasts the whole evening, and stay vigilant for any signs of overindulgence.

To top it all off, when you hire a mobile bar service, you’ll actually be able to enjoy the event without lifting a finger and still receive all the credit from your boss!


The bottom line

You wouldn’t have your mechanic do your taxes or ask your accountant to fix your car, right? Well, hosting a corporate cocktail party is no different. You may like sipping on cocktails, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to make them. Leave it to the experts. Leave it to Thirst Bar Services.

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