Coffee Cocktails That Have Us Buzzing

Coffee Cocktails That Have Us Buzzing

These amazing Coffee cocktails will keep you glowing from sunrise to sunset

Having trouble staying inspired during the day? Is your mundane routine coffee that you drink not doing the trick anymore? We at Thirst are here to save the day and provide you with a few of our exclusively brilliant coffee cocktails that will not only tickle your taste buds but give you that caffeine boost to keep you going and continue to be the life of any event.

Espresso Milk Punch

Suggested consumption time: 11-12am

Similar to the old classic brunch cocktail the Bourbon Milk Punch, this delicious beverage has a delightful coffee spin and the chicory liqueur adds an extra special New Orleans flourish.

Midnight Oil

Suggested consumption time: 2pm

This bespoke coffee cocktail is a combination of two of the most popular snack combinations – the morning coffee and a slice or two of banana bread. The mix of these wonderful tastes gives you the best slightly caffeinated, fall-driven sipper.


Suggested consumption time: 6pm

Looking to add a little chill to your coffee before supper? If you’re not looking to go completely over to the cold beverage route, this is the drink for you. This chilling agent is actually a gigantic frozen cube of coffee, a delightful twist to the norm.

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