Bring the Extra Chill to your Next Event

We are in a time of experience over material possession. This is especially true if you want to keep up with the mindset of the millennial generation. 3 out of 4 millennials prefer to spend money on an experience, instead of buying something. This “experience generation” is also taking over the population size of the baby boomers. Therefore, they really are a market you want to pay close attention to.

When it comes to experiences, nightlife has typically been at the forefront of innovation. Countless bars cater to a unique experience. Cocktails come in all shapes and sizes. There’s always a new latest and greatest trend. So how do you make your event stick out and ensure a truly memorable experience?

Say hello to extra chill. Dry ice – and the beautifully mysterious cloud it creates – has caught our attention since the 19th century. Now, the innovators at JetChill have designed a new use for dry ice. The world’s first dry ice chilled, smoking drinks system. It makes just about any cocktail come to life.

The worldwide phenomenon is a completely safe means of creating smoky drinks with the use of dry ice. It was named Gadget Mans “Gadget of the Year” in 2014. It even showcased in the playboy mansion in LA in 2012. If the bunnies love it, so should you!

Here are a few reasons why your next event could use a little extra chill:

Up-Sell All Your Drinks

Smoky drinks help with upselling drinks in a bar or event environment like no other. Drinks with a “pretty packaging” are a greater success the younger crowd. A cocktail, which already has the pretty factor, is now smoking hot. Party-goers love the experience and therefore are more inclined to spend. This means a quick return on investment when using the equipment.

Traditional drinks promotion like the use of shooter girls, jello-shots or similar gimmicks have become tired and worn out. They just don’t have the “it” factor experience people are looking for. That’s why smoking drinks are a total crowd pleaser. They create an experience you actually want to talk about and one that’s #Instaworthy.

Increase Social Media Interaction

With talk-ability comes share-ability. There is a social nature in these creations; you get to share a unique experience. Where is the best place to share an experience with all of your friends? Social media, of course. If you want your event to broadcast all over the internet, this may be the best way to do it. This is especially important for event awareness and guest satisfaction. You’ll be impressing your audience both online, and off!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A dry ice inspired drinks selection helps to create a theatrical event for your guests. It’s a great way to increase customer interaction and engagement. This sort of spectacle is perfect for corporate events as a means to impress clients. It can be the delight of wedding guests waiting for the bride and groom’s reception entrance.  Whatever the event, it improves the entire atmosphere, and keeps guests happy.

A Wide Selection for All Guests

Guests will also get plenty of choice. You can create a frozen effect with anything from shots like the mango fire, to mock-tails like the blueberry smash to suit guest needs. Wondering what other types of drinks you can serve with a chilly twist? Check them out here.

This system is sure to provide many event delights. It fits in perfectly for a winter wonderland party, smoky summer event or just about any other experience. The secret to a spooky Halloween cocktail that looks like it came straight from a lab? Dry ice cocktails of course. It will make a mad scientist out of you! Incorporating this attraction into a larger theme is no task at all.  To find out more about how JetChill can bring the heat to your next event, contact Thirst Bar Services.

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