8 Essential Cocktail Making Tools At Home

Here’s a list of 8 essential cocktail making tools any aspiring mixologist needs for making killer cocktails at home.

1. A Jigger – Precision is key. The jigger is a handy measurement tool to help you create a perfect cocktail.

2. A Shaker – There are several types of shakers, but the two most common are the traditional Cobbler Cocktail Shaker and the Boston Shaker.

3. A Strainer – The most common strainer is the Hawthorne strainer, which is placed on top of the glass to strain your drink.

4. Bar spoon – A metal spoon with a long and spiral handle, perfect for stirring drinks.

5. Muddler – A muddler is used to process the herbs for cocktails like Caipirinha or Mojito.

6. Citrus Juicer – A simple deep round dish with a cone to squeeze the juice out of any citrus fruits. Some even have a strainer to separate the pulp from the juice.

7. Channel Knife – A small spoon-shaped knife, used for garnish by peeling long, thin spirals from citrus fruits.

8. Glasses – A nice glass will make your cocktail even more attractive and the center of everyone’s attention.

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