5 Reasons a Mobile Bar Service Will Make Your Event Unforgettable

Everyone loves a well organised event, whether it’s a simple backyard get-together or an elaborate, over the top function. These days, unique and memorable events that people will be talking about for months or even years to come, are few and far between.  It’s all good and well to dream about that perfect party and have grand visions of excellence. Yet, some events, no matter how well organised, lack in that indescribable something which makes all parties great. Feeling that you are lacking that something special to make your day one to remember? You may need to consider the magical effects that a mobile bar can offer.

Mobile bars are a new movement sweeping the nation’s most trendy gatherings. From weddings to corporate events, these unique offerings could give you that edge you’re looking for. Just how can a mobile bar do this for you? Below are our top 5 reasons.

Presentation is Key

The look and feel of your event is a game changer. Your event could be is rustic and laidback, or fancy and feng shui. However, it is the overall ambiance your guests get when they walk through the door that determines the night.

A mobile bar can be created to match the look you are going for and increase aesthetic appeal. It’s that unique bit of spice that completely changes the whole dish.

You might be looking to include natural wooden bar in an outside setting to bring guests back to nature.  If your event was elegant and glamorous, you might choose a classy champagne bar with personalised touches.

Adding some barmen dressed to theme or a tailored cocktail menu, could really enhance the character of your event.

Options, Options, and More Options

Hosting a unique experience doesn’t have be limited to anything, big or small. With the large variety of bars and bar services available with your mobile bar, you can safely pick and choose a customised experience that suits you.

It also means you’ll have a wider variety of choice for your guests.  Gone are the days of events where the only question is “Wine or Beer?”

The Bar Experience, Without the Fuss

There are often occasions where you will run into the perfect venue, that you simply must have.  What’s the catch? No bar in sight. In these situations, you might cringe at the idea of choosing a selection of drinks for your guests at random, and hoping that everything works out.

Mobile bars offer a better alternative to sorting everything else out yourself. Everything your event needs in terms of drinks and experience can be handled by the service. Leaving you the freedom to make other important event decisions. This is especially important for event planners who often have to deal with multiple occasions at once.

Professional Treatment

A mobile bar comes with a stress free, peaceful mind. This is because when you hire a mobile bar service, your guests can order drinks on demand, without you having to lift a finger. A mobile bar can come complete with barmen, equipment, glasses, fridges, and displays. Everything you could need in one fully organised package. More than anything, a mobile bar is not just a product, but a unique service, that handles your catering needs with expertise.

Anytime, anywhere

The types of events you can spice up with the use of a mobile bar are endless. You can create a personalised experience that compliments any occasion. Here are just a few examples:

  • Corporate events
  • Functions
  • Team-building
  • Product launches
  • Fundraisers
  • Markets
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • Reunions
  • Themed events

Still having trouble deciding if a mobile bar service is for you? Check out Thirst Bar Services for more information that might help you decide. You may even find yourself catching the contagious Thirst for Life.

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