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Keiron-Bruce Robertshaw

MEET KEIRON ROBERTSON Event's Manager - Cape Town FULL NAME Keiron-Bruce Robertshaw WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE GROWING UP? I wanted to be many things growing up. At one...

25 07 2019 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Thirst makes it International… twice

[divider line_type="No Line" custom_height="500px"][divider line_type="No Line" custom_height="19px"]For over a decade THIRST BAR SERVICES have led the mobile bar industry of South Africa to new heights.   It has been their level of...

19 02 2019 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
The essential tools any bartender should own

Empower your bartenders with the skills and tools they need to create the perfect drink. Whether you are a full-time bartender or an aspiring mixologist, there are a few essential...

19 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
5 Fun Holiday Drinking Games

Keep your spirits bright this festive season with these fun drinking games. Ho ho ho and a bottle of Rum. The holidays are almost in full swing and it’s time...

13 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
5 Cocktails To Spruce Up Your Festive Season

Surprise your guests this holiday with these delicious Christmas themed cocktails The Festive season has arrived and it’s time for a celebration with great company, food and of course great...

13 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
bar etiquette
Bar Etiquette – mind your P’s and Q’s

Shut down is around the corner, trips and outings have been booked and you’re ready for some time to let loose and relax. The problem is when we’re out of...

12 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Around the world in 4 cocktails – If you’re staying home these holidays, then why not let your taste buds travel the globe with these tasty drinks

The holiday season is here & for those of you staying home, we have put together our top cocktails from around the world to let your taste buds do the...

04 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
The Ultimate Summer Job Envy

Why being a Thirst bartender is the summer job of your dreams - Make extra cash and be a part of some of SA’s hottest events. Did somebody say summer...

26 11 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
We love team spirit

Shake it up and add a splash of fun to your next team building event. Team building is an essential part of any business. If you care about your businesses...

19 11 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Are you ready to RUMble?

Gin, gin you better watch out for the pirates good ol’ rum is out and about. It’s no secret that gin is on everyone's lips at the moment - with...

12 11 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst