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Why go out, when you can have it all brought to your doorstep? The exclusive Gin Your Garden concept converts your home into the hottest bar and restaurant in town and you have the best seat!

Brought to you by Thirst and Gemelli, this exclusive home entertainment concept makes bringing people together around great food experiences effortless. Ideal for parties, events & special occasions at home.


Thirst Service including Front Bar, Back Bar Display, Professional Bartenders, Support Staff, Mixers, Garnishes and alcohol.  The bar comes fully stocked with a selection of 12 gins including Monkey 47, Malfy variants and Inverroche variants, different flavoured tonic waters, garnishes, personalized herb pots and glassware.

  • 1x Vintage OSB Front Unit Hire and backing unit incl. all décor pieces and displays
  • Premium Glassware
  • Herb Pots incl. Mint, Basil, Thyme Rosemary and Lavender
  • 2 x Bar Support
  • 2x Bar Tenders
  • 4x Waiters
  • Logistics & Travel
  • Premium Hoshizaki Ice
  • 3 x Inverroche Gin Amber
  • 2 x Inverroche Gin Classic
  • 2x Malfy Gin Rosa
  • 2x Malfy Gin Originale
  • 2x Monkey 47 Gin
  • Fitch & Leedes – Indian Tonic Water
  • Fitch & Leedes – Grapefruit Tonic
  • Fitch & Leedes – Pink Tonic
  • Fitch & Leedes – Soda Water
  • Still Water
  • Valpre Sparkling Water
  • All Garnishes
  • 4 x Cocktail Tables
  • 16 Cocktail Chairs
  • Centre Pieces for the cocktail tables
  • 4x Umbrellas
  • DJ incl. Equipment, sound, lighting and Travel
  • Catering incl. A variety of Sushi, Chefs, Assistant Chef, Cutlery and Crockery

Minimum 20 People – Price per head R 1993.61

Additional products will be available for purchase. This will however be over and above the package price.


Gemelli Gin your garden cocktails
Gemelli Gin your garden counter
Gemelli Gin your garden starters
Gemelli Gin your garden cocktails
Gemelli Gin your garden dessert
Gemelli Gin your garden waitron


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