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What to expect from a Thirst Team building session 

The Team Building starts off with an informative 30 minutes spirits training session which covers the selection of spirits used during your training. These include tequila, gin, whiskey and vodka This is an impactful session where students learn only important key points like the raw materials used in the making of the spirits, production processes and descriptions on the selected brands.

Teams are then led to the Thirst bar area where each participant man’s his own bar setup to work from. Each station is equipped with all of the bar tools used to make industry standard cocktails. Our Thirst head trainer will then take the team through basic cocktail making techniques consisting of muddling, building, shaking and stirring. Each person then has the opportunity to make the very same cocktail, in order to experience first-hand how to muddle, shake, stir and build drinks.

Once they have finished making the cocktails, the team is led to a market table which is set out with a variety of ingredients including different fruits, herbs, spices, juices, flavoured syrups and a range of unusual glassware to choose from. The team is then divided into smaller teams of 4 and given a country to represent. Each team has to make a signature cocktail that symbolizes their selected country. Using the market setup, they select a variety of ingredients to create their own unique signature cocktail as a team. Each cocktail then has to be translated into a hand design/drawn menu, backed up by a short story on the signature cocktail. 

The winning team walks away with either a prize or a sense of pride. 

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