This service includes a selection of Spirits, Wines, Beers and a range of Soft Drinks.

Spirits include:
Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Scottish Whisky and Irish Whiskey, Brandy, Beer
Soft drinks include
Coke, Coke Lite, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Soda, Dry Lemon, Still and Sparkling waters. On request, Appletizer, Sprite Zero and Coke Zero

The Thirst Solution
We recommend selecting one or two of our signature cocktails in order to compliment the full bar offering. Welcoming drinks can also be a nice touch for guest arrival.

All alcohol is billed on consumption and is closely monitored by our on site management team.


At Thirst we believe in pushing the boundaries and this has been translated into our cocktail experience. By using the freshest of ingredients and premium spirits in our cocktails each and every element is considered.

This is a great ad on service to any event and at any venue across the country. We are more than flexible when working with venues that provide their own alcohol.

These signature cocktail can be used as a welcome drink option for your event.

The Thirst Solution
Choose 3-4 cocktails per event. Please see cocktail selection and menu below.


“You are the Gin to my Tonic”

With Gin growing at rapid rates throughout the world. We have definitely got the offering down to an art.

With a selection of unique local and international gins, we have carefully thought out each element of Gin & Tonic combinations that complement each other, from the style of Gin used, to the selection of tonic waters and garnishes that finish of these refreshing creations.

Served in beautiful premium Copa Gin glasses fit to serve any King and Queen.

The Thirst Solution
We recommend selecting 3-4 options for your guest to experience and enjoy. This is also a great addition to the full bar offering or can be used as a stand-alone offering for events.


With cocktails on tap becoming a growing trend all over the world, Thirst has taken our signature cocktail offering and transformed our delicious recipes into a quick, consistent solution that will serve guests in a the most efficient and consistent way without have to que.

This offering is suitable for any event and is highly recommended for large scale corporate or music festivals.

We have 6 unique flavours that we offer:
Spiced Mojito, Thirsty Blu, Exotic Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Aperol Spritz, any G&T that your heart desires.

The Thirst Solution
Thirst offers a custom-designed taps for hire, available in 4-line and single-line options. 
We also offer full delivery, set-up and collection services, giving you the complete cocktail event solution. Each 20-litre keg holds around 100 drinks. 
The cocktail products have a guaranteed three-month shelf life.


There is no better way than to welcome your guests with our unique signature cocktail offering.

Any of our cocktails can be selected from our current menu offering.

The Thirst Solution
This is a great option to welcome your guest into an event and can be used in conjunction to a full bar and cocktail bar.

We can also make pre mixed 5L cocktails that can be drop off at your offices in case of budget restrictions.


This isn’t your standard coffee bar offering. Thirst offers a modern day bespoke coffee bar set up from our designer bars serving:

Flat Whites, Americanos, Espressos, Lattes, Hot Chocolates, Herbal Teas

We believe in supporting local based coffee roasteries and our professional baristas are trained to pour the finest coffees money can buy.

The Thirst Solution
This is a great addition and complimentary to the full bar service offering. It is also a great an option as a stand-alone coffee bar for any conference, breakfast style event or non-alcoholic event.


The Team Building starts off with an informative 30 minutes spirits training session which covers the selection of spirits used during your training. These include tequila, gin, whiskey and vodka This is an impactful session where students learn only important key points like the raw materials used in the making of the spirits, production processes and descriptions on the selected brands.

For more information, click here

The Thirst Solution
Take you team out of their office environment get in a Uber van and come to the Thirst offices. We have fully equipped training rooms and bar area where every person has his or her own station to work from.


This cute little Tuk-Tuk is a great addition to your function, serving Brut and Rose bubbly on tap.

The Tuk-Tuk can be dry hired out along with fully loaded kegs of bubbly.

The Thirst Solution
This concept is great for weddings or any day time function looking for something a bit different.


With Aperol is one of the most popular cocktails globally and is fit for any occasion.

In association with Aperol, Thirst is now offering a funky Tuk-Tuk that can be parked outside any venue, serving Aperol Spritz as welcoming drinks or drinks throughout your event.

The Thirst Solution
This is a great addition for welcoming drinks as guest arrive.


Thirst has a drinks offering for everyone. With our designer bar service we are able to make our signature cocktails into non-alcoholic versions, whilst keeping it unique to cold pressed juices and smoothies, coffees will also be a perfect fit to suite any event that in non-alcoholic from Bar mitzvahs, Halaal events, business conferences etc.

The Thirst Solution
This is a great addition to any non-alcoholic event.