5 Fun Holiday Drinking Games

Keep your spirits bright this festive season with these fun drinking games. Ho ho ho and a bottle of Rum. The holidays are almost in full swing and it’s time...

13 12 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Prosecco – the perfect classy ingredient to your cocktails this summer

With the weather heating up and winter waving its last goodbye, we start to embrace the warmth, step outside and soak up the sun. And what better way to welcome...

09 10 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Our guide to making the freshest spring punch

As experts in mixology, connoisseurs in the art of cocktail making and perfectionists when it comes to a perfect punch, we have put together our top tips when it comes...

21 09 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
mobile bar services
4 reasons why a mobile bar service is the perfect solution for your year-end function

The months are racing by and believe it or not, we are nearly in the tenth month of 2018 - pretty scary stuff! With the end of this year looming...

14 09 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
It’s About Time the Tiki Trend Took to the Shores of South Africa

Americans understand the trend. They appreciate the trend - most of the time at least. It’s a love-hate relationship really. But we think it’s about time us South African’s got...

29 08 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
professional barman
Want to become a fully trained professional barman?

Your career skills speak volumes to your employers and being a great bartender in the service industry is no different. You have got to have the right tools for the...

20 08 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Tricks of the Trade: Being the Best Bartender You Can Be

You have learnt the basics of mixing up some pretty great cocktails. You may have even started your career behind the bar at your local watering hole. You love this...

26 06 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Mixology: Just Another Fancy Word or An Accurate Description?

There’s no exact science when it comes to the drink preferences of customers. Nor is there one cocktail to please everyone. This is where mixology comes in to save the...

11 06 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Jet chill
Bring the Extra Chill to your Next Event

We are in a time of experience over material possession. This is especially true if you want to keep up with the mindset of the millennial generation. 3 out of...

01 06 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst
Team Building That Isn’t Lame: Cocktail Workshops

No trust falls or human pyramids here. While team building can be an effective tool to bring employees together, the thought of it shouldn’t horrify them. If you are looking...

29 05 2018 / Posted by Matthew Thirst